About Us


CONTBUL-2007 is a company specialized in aluminium foil and packaging.
Besides packaging products , we offer laminated aluminium foil, coated al. foil with primer and thermolacquer  on machines, unique in Europe with competent and highly motivated staff in the process. Warehouse and logistics center is an area of ​​14 acres. 
The main used raw materials are purchased from world renowned EU producers and the quality of materials and the finished products are under constant control. 
All of the above enables the company to meet the high requirements of the domestic and international market . 
The company is certified ISO 9001-2000

Basic products we offer in our market are: 

KONTBUL-2007 is the exclusive representative of the Serbian factory ATM doo Sevoyno (www.atm.co.rs) and offers a wide range of PP packaging is produced from 100 % virgin material and are suitable for storage as well as food and various paints , sealants and chemicals. To the primary material are added various additives which achieve the elasticity of the device, and adequate strength . For a short time our packages are imposed on our market. We also offer printing and packaging with IML labels and different colors. Stocked a wide range of white packaging and other relevant products - transparent, colored or printed , which are under contract with customers. 
Logistics is our level and we are not delayed with timely delivery. 
New ideas and solutions are often our practice and help our clients achieve their goals . 
Each client , whether small or large , honored with due attention and service. 

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